We travel to discover

This goes hand in hand with our previous points, but travel allow us to discover, whether it’s an interesting locale or a newfound favorite dish. We travel to not only see more of the world and the people in it, but to also discover more about ourselves in the process.

We travel to escape

Travel provides a momentary break from the humdrum of our daily lives. It provides us with adventure and excitement. When we venture to a new space or environment, we’re intrigued by all the novel things that surround us. We forget about our jobs, our classes, and all our other responsibilities.

We travel to make new friends

Of course, this one would be on our list. After all, we love group travel! When you travel, you meet people of diverse backgrounds and experiences and every single one of them has the potential to play an important role in your life, whether that is a new best friend or your soul mate.

We travel to experience

We feel like this last reason is an all-encompassing one. We travel to experience all that we can and all that the world has to offer. We can experience the local culture by eating delicacies and dishes that are unique to a certain region. We can experience what it’s like to communicate solely through gestures when we don’t know how to speak a language. We can even realize how life in a foreign country is not that much different from our own lives back home.

  • Open Your Mind
    If you find something confronting, or you don’t agree with, instead of being judgmental and hurtful simply say, “It’s not better or worse, just different.” Or “Isn’t that interesting? Tell me more.” And then open your mind to understand.
  • Travel with Awe, Wonder and Gratitude
    Look at how beautiful the planet is. See how amazing every thundering waterfall, dancing gazelle, unconquerable mountain, and smiling, toothless market trader really is.
James Reed
CEO and Founder at Travel Scriber

It’s something that only comes with on-the-road experience. Travel savviness is a process born of missed buses, foolish behavior, cultural unawareness, and countless tiny errors. Then, one day, you begin to seamlessly move through airports and integrate yourself into new cultures like a fish to water. We are here to help you with your journey.