Why You Have More Time and Reasons to Travel Than You Think

1.) Let’s start with an obvious one shall we? And that’s because travel is fun! It’s nice to visit places you’ve always wanted to see and experience things you’ve only dreamt about. Travel is fun and that’s a huge reason why we all get inspired to travel.

2.) There’s so much more you can learn from other people and the opportunity to improve on your skills/knowledge is a big reason to travel. It doesn’t even matter if all you’re improving is learning something as mundane as how to brew coffee better – when you consider that you’re learning on your travels and combining it with number 1 (i.e. having fun), you start to run out of reasons not to travel (finances and personal circumstances permitting of course!).

3.) Travelling makes you curious. This kind of curiousity is a great thing too as it’s the kind of life skill that stops you from making preconceived notions about people/places and take the time to actually ask “Why”.

4.) The food can be pretty good on your travels. The world is increasingly global so chances are that even if you’ve not travelled much in the past, you’ve probably tasted and particularly enjoyed food from another part of the world you’ve never visited. Travel is a chance to try these foods first hand from the locals who actually created and inspired these recipes – Curry enthusiast? Head over to India! Pizza fiend? Italy’s the place to go. Taco crazy? Head on down to Mexico!

5.) Travel teaches you tolerance. You gain new perspective as you start to see things through other people’s perspectives. You may not always agree with it (nor would anyone expect you to) but at least you’ll understand it a bit more.

6.) You have great stories to tell. This gets even better if you travel with friends and family to share these stories and experiences with. Even if you travel solo, your experiences will definitely set you apart from everyone else and truly help you appreciate who you are as an individual more (even if it’s just for the humble-bragging rights! Hehehe!).

7.) You will have accomplished a major goal. Even if you don’t realise it at the time or fully appreciate it, being able to travel is a massive privilege and getting to actually visit a place you’ve wanted to for a long time is without a doubt worth a pat on the back for yourself (you should totally celebrate yourself more).

8.) The opportunities for amazing photos are incredible when you travel! As someone who loves travelling with a camera in hand, I can’t emphasise this one enough.

9.) You can expand your network even wider. Make new friends, new colleagues or perhaps even new lovers. Travel offers you the chance to meet new people – what you do is entirely up to you of course but it’s not uncommon to find people who have made amazing friends on the travels.

10.) You appreciate your home even more. And I’m not just talking about the fact that you love being in your own bed again or just walking about your apartment naked without a care in the world… You actually start to appreciate aspects of how beautiful your local neighbourhood is, after looking for similar sights in other places across the world. (Case in point, it took several Euro-trips for me to truly appreciate how beautiful a city Edinburgh truly is!)