Why you should travel overseas to become a better person

1. Increased confidence

Whether you’re a shy kid or accustomed to being the centre of attention, travelling the world will increase your confidence. You will meet new and exciting people every day, conquer perilous peaks and confusing bus routes, eat strange foods and haggle for enchanted lamps. Travelling, whether your hitching through a war-zone or admiring cathedrals in Europe, will develop your confidence in both yourself, your ability to problem solve and your ability to make new friends.

2. New Friends

Speaking of new friends, some of the best people in my life are folks I randomly bumped into upon the road. Many newbie travellers worry that if they head off by themselves then they may be lonely, this simply isn’t the case. There are so many solo travellers and so many different ways to meet people that you will never truly be alone. I backpacked around India for over a year, all by myself. I was very rarely alone. I made lasting friendships with other backpackers and with locals. Travelling is kind of like speed-dating except with friends, if you don’t like someone, you don’t have to see them again. If you do like someone, you go in the same direction. It’s pretty neat.

3. Falling in love

Love, or lust, is always around the corner when you’re on the road. The connections you make with people, especially romantic ones, are heightened whilst travelling. There is nothing quite like holding the hand of a new lover whilst watching the sun rise up over the ocean and hearing the jungle behind you come to life as the light dances on the sand. I know many couples who have met on the road and in my opinion, a relationship formed with somebody else whom you meet travelling is the strongest relationship of all. Go, travel, explore, let down your guard and let someone in. Travellers look out for each other, it’s kind of like a tribe and in general, on the road, away from Facebook and all that other crap, people are more honest with each other.